Machining equipment

Machining equipment of our workplace is one of the most important parts of the production process. It consists of CNC machines, which are regularly reviewed and revised in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and machining. Also our department is equipped with classically controlled machinery which is given the same level of control as the CNC machines.

All machinery has specific requirements depending on the usage and utilization and, therefore, our company has a specialized office for machinery maintenance, which provides both the basic and specialized maintenance and equipment repair. Machinery has its own cargo tariff, which fully reflects the specification of the device and its capabilities. It should also be noted that some machines are specially adapted for use in special prototyping in which our company deals with high priority. For more info please contact our sales representative referred to in the chapter on contacts.

Horizontal lathes

Software lathes

Machining Center



BN-102C, 102D-BN - incl. skid, lead

BPH-300,  table 300x900

BPH-20NA, table 150x350

SVVH6, BRH20 - planar


ST350K - pr. 900, 500 stroke


Press CE10

Gear cutting machines

Cutting of profiles

Saw BOMAR ST6 260 A


Horizontal boring