The establishment of the company dates back to 1995, but it has been fulfilling its current activities since 2003. In that year took place the transformation from a service organization providing repair and service work for surrounding businesses to a purely manufacturing company engaged in production according to supplied drawings and according to specific customer requirements. Our company has for several years been a significant small to medium-sized company in our market and which has grown to its current proportions, whereby  90% of its production is shipped abroad.

We are one of the few companies which is 100% owned by a Czech. In mid-2005, company ownership passed into the hands of Mr. Pavel Martinka and thereby completed the stabilization of the company so that it could concentrate on the completion of the assigned tasks and objectives with maximum return of revenue back to the company. Currently, we are trying to invest in the overhaul of existing equipment and to purchase new equipment to enable us to increase the capacity of the manufacturing process and meet the strict criteria of our customers.