Energy - the entire EU

 frames for the establishment of a steam turbine

 steel structures for storing water turbines

 steel structures for transformer cabinets

 frames and other parts of wind turbines

 parts of mills and coal crushers

 transport frames

Metallurgical Industry

Parts of furnaces and conveyors for the foundry, including installation and mechanical testing - Austria, Germany

Medical industry - Germany

Machined frames and construction machinery for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals - Germany, Switzerland

Paper industry

Parts of packaging machines - production lines including surveying, mechanical testing - Germany

Food industry

Steel construction of food machinery, including pre-assembly - Austria, Belgium

Nuclear industry

Steel structures - including the installation of a hot cell nuclear equipment - France


Mechanical sets mounted on oil rigs - USA, Sweden

Chemical and rubber industry

Production of machines which process plastic and machines for tire production, including testing - France, Germany

Aviation industry

Products and platforms for attachment to aircraft, including installation - France